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‹ Garden Design

Whether your budget includes a beautifully drawn complete blueprint or inexpensive quick sketches, Daryl creates designs that are uniquely suited to your needs and tastes, as well as being easy on the environment.

While other services give you a "cookie cutter" design, Daryl has developed an extensive questionnaire to help you decide what you need for your home, including which plants you love; which plants bring back special memories; whether you'll be entertaining a little or a lot; whether you need a children's play area, or access for your aging parents; whether you're a plant lover or merely want something pretty.

Then, after a personal interview, Daryl will carefully examine your site before determining which plants will do best in your landscape while meeting your needs. Where possible, tough and beautiful native plants are used. As always, Daryl strives to provide landscape designs that are low maintenance and require less water, fertilizer and pesticides to be beautiful.

Click here to see an example of her work!

‹: Personalized Landscape Owner's Manual
You may request a Personalized Landscape Owner's Manual for an additional charge. In it, you'll find all the information you need. Click here to see a sample!
‹: Free Email Q&A
Mrs. GreenThumb's clients receive free email question and answer service for one year!
‹ How-to Lessons from Your Own Garden Coach!
Haven't a clue how to take care of your yard? Mrs. GreenThumb can show you how to prune, when to fertilize, how to plant... so you can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars, or know when the landscape maintenance people are doing it right. Have your own Garden Coach to help you  succeed!
‹ Plant Identification
What is this thing growing in my yard, and what can I do with it? Mrs. GreenThumb will help you identify things in your garden and tell you how to manage them.
‹ Bugged?
She can help you identify the pests that are bugging you, and help you find solutions too.
‹ Newcomer Orientation Services
New to Georgia? Mrs. GreenThumb can help you learn to deal with everything from red clay to designing your new garden.
‹ Mrs. GreenThumb Speaks!
Mrs. GreenThumb is available for speaking engagements throughout the Southeast and can educate your group on a range of topics including drought-resistant landscape design, organic gardening, and more. Email her today at  today to check her availability for your next meeting.

To learn more about any of Mrs. GreenThumb's services or to schedule an initial consultation, contact her today at:

Mrs. Greenthumb
Phone: 770.475.2493
PO Box 2413, Cumming, GA 30028

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